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Begin with a well-seasoned Taoist philosophy, add Christian words and phrases and some Bible verses, and stir briskly until they blend.

Now add a bit of spiritism, a pinch of numerology, a dab of physics and a dash of anti-communism; mix it all together, using a Korean Messiah, and you have the recipe for one of the newest religious movements sweeping America -- the Unification Church, founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon.
James Bjornstad, The Moon Is Not the Son (Bethany Fellowship, 1976).


Founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon who blends Eastern philosophy with Biblical jargon in his newly revealed scripture the Divine Principle. Moon teaches that Jesus, being one body with God may be called a second God (image of God) but he can not be God Himself and that he did not come to die upon the cross. Jesus mission was to marry and have perfect children thereby bringing physical salvation to mankind. But Jesus failed in this mission. As a result Moon says that there needs to be a new Messiah or Lord of the Second Advent and allows the majority of his followers to believe him to be.
Watchman Expositor, Vol. 7 No. 2, p8.

"On the Rebound" by Meredith Ferguson -- "The Rev. Sun Myung Moon has been down, but never out. Now he's focusing on family values with conferences and big name speakers such as George Bush. But is he just trying to buy credibility?" Others mentioned to whom Moon has paid "whopping speaker's fees" of up to $100,000-a-pop include William Bennett and Jack Kemp. The author states that the Washington Times newspaper that Moon founded in 1982 and has financed heavily ever since "continues to enjoy an influence far beyond its 100,000 circulation ... the Times remains a must-read among the nation's political power brokers." So, it would seem, the same may be true of the Times' affiliate national news magazine, Insight. Includes spotty remarks about an increasing emphasis on Latin America by Moon. Los Angeles Times, Sep 10 '96, pE1. (Thanks to Eric Pement for this item.)
From Apologia Report -- Volume 1: Number 27 -- 1996 (archived edition)

"Unification Church Support Shifting from Japan to Latin America" -- claims that "Japan has been the 'financial engine driving the church's global machine,'" quoting an August 4 story in the Washington Post. The cause is said to be "protests and criticism by former member and the public" in that country. Finds this has been especially true since the Aum Shinrikyo affair. Includes minimal discussion of the Latin American shift. Religion Watch, Sep '96, p7.
From Apologia Report -- Volume 1: Number 29 -- 1996 (archived edition)

"Moon's Unification Church Gains Respect in Latin America" by Calvin Sims -- "Today, the Unification Church has gained new respect in Latin America, where it has established a strong foothold, access to the rich and powerful and investments in real estate, hotels, banks, newspapers and other businesses valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. Church officials say they have three million followers in the region, which has seen growing interest in Evangelical Protestantism, Asian religions and the occult." This very significant article gives important update detail on UC activities and financial interests. Sims also briefly describes George Bush's endorsement of Moon's publishing efforts such as the 80-page weekly, News of the World. New York Times, Nov 24 '96, n.p.
From Apologia Report -- Volume 1: Number 30 -- November 25, 1996

"Evangelicals and Moon Join in Common Cause" -- documents the participation of Ralph Reed, Gary Bauer, Beverly LaHaye, and Robert H. Schuller (among many others of different backgrounds) in a UC-organized pro-family conference. Also mentions that Moon is now on his fourth marriage after three divorces. Christian Century, Sep 11 '96, p844.
From Apologia Report -- Volume 1: Number 33 -- December 16, 1996

"Unification Church Influence in America" by Bob Waldrep -- one of multiple articles on the UC in this issue. This item concentrates on the number of well-known Christian leaders (such as Robert Schuller, Ralph Reed, and Beverly LaHaye) that have participated in conferences sponsored by Moon's organizations. A sidebar offers a partial list of Moon-affiliated organizations. Watchman Expositor, v13 n5 1996, p8.
From Apologia Report -- Volume 2: Number 2 -- 1997 (archived edition

"'Moonies' Message Hits Home and Raises Questions" by Deborah Johnson -- Chicagoland community leaders feel burned after discovering affiliation behind "Parents Day." Includes brief quotes from Don Veinot of the Midwest Christian Outreach, Cynthia Kisser (former director of the Cult Awareness Network), and Eric Pement, senior editor of Cornerstone magazine. Daily Herald, Aug 4 '97, n.p. (Special thanks to Marty Butz for sharing this item with Apologia Report.)
From Apologia Report -- Volume 2: Number 26 -- August 18, 1997

"Moon Inc.: Stymied, Moon's Church Retreats" by Marc Fisher and Jeff Leen -- part two of two. "The Rev. Sun Myung Moon has declared that 'the period of religion is passing away' and his Unification Church must be dissolved. ... He has directed his followers to 'cut down' their church and to work instead through the New York-based Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, a social and spiritual nonprofit group that holds conferences and stages events designed to promote Moon's worldview.

W. Farley Jones [is] president of the Family Federation, which he described as 'the successor organization' to the church." At the same time, Jones "cautioned that 'we can't just abolish the church because many of the properties the Unification Church holds are in its name.' ... Church leaders claim 50,000 members in this country, but current and former members say the actual figure is closer to 3,000 nationwide." *Time will tell if this is just a name change, or if the religious emphasis of the Unification Church really is abandoned.*

The story goes on to describe problems the UC has faced over the years in America which have led to its decline there. These include a lack of confidence in UC doctrine by its membership, and domestic problems among Moon's immediate family (Moon has taught that his own physical children are and children of marriages he blesses will be sinless).

When questioned about the future of the UC's leadership "Moon ... responded, 'I will continue to lead the church from the spirit world.'" Much more as well, including signs that as Moon pulls out of some U.S. venues, he is further concentrating his hopes and efforts in South America. Washington Post, Nov 24 '97, pA01.
From Apologia Report -- Volume 2: Number 40 -- December 8, 1997

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