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"Bush Helps Rev. Moon Spread the News in Latin America" -- reports that his November trip to Buenos Aires was the third time former President George Bush has spoken at Moon-related conferences. Mentions that Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have also been involved with Unification Church affiliates. Church & State, Jan '97, p17.
From Apologia Report -- Volume 2: Number 5 -- March 10, 1997

"Bush, Falwell, North: Moon Struck" by Robert Parry -- theme of this issue, traces the Bush/Moon relationship back to 1976 and chronicles developments between them including Bush's multiple speaking engagements at UC events over the last year. Ties a $3.5 million grant from the UC affiliate Women's Federation for World Peace to "Mr. [Jerry] Falwell's people" at Christian Heritage Foundation. Notes that Falwell has also been speaking globally in UC-sponsored events. Questions the biographical history of Moon and his church. Reviews the bizarre story of Nansook Moon, ex-wife of Moon's son and one-time heir apparent, Hyo Jin. Concludes with the story of one mother's trial to see her son out of the UC. A lengthy expose overall. IF Magazine, Sep/Oct '97. Special thanks to Fred Miller for passing this resource on to us.
From Apologia Report -- Volume 2: Number 32 -- October 6, 1997

"The GOP's Own Asian Connection: Rev. Moon" by Robert Parry -- along with assorted political details, includes a shocking allegation that a Moon organization "funneled $3.5 million to [Jerry Falwell's then-desperate] Liberty University through a clandestine channel" -- apparently the Women's Federation for World Peace. Parry adds that "Moon money could prove embarrassing to the Republicans because of Moon's growing contempt for the United States and its democratic principles." "On March 5, 1995, for instance, Moon announced in one sermon that 'you must realize that America has become the kingdom of Satan.' On Aug. 4, 1996, he vowed that after his movement gains power, Americans who insist on maintaining their individuality 'will be digested.'" Los Angeles Times, Nov 16 '97, pM6.
From Apologia Report -- Volume 2: Number 39 -- November 24, 1997

"A Church in Flux Is Flush With Cash" by Marc Fisher and Jeff Leen -- part one of a two-part series. An excellent overall, current profile of the Unification Church's fiscal operations. For example, "in the Washington area, ... the movement controls more than $300 million in commercial, political and cultural enterprises. ... a seemingly endless flow of cash [comes] from the Far East. That has enabled them to buy new businesses such as the Nostalgia Network cable channel and even help bail out the Rev. Jerry Falwell's foundering Liberty University. ... 'Of course, the whole thing is to buy respectability,' said Marvin Borderlon, a Roman Catholic ex-priest who is president of the American Conference on Religious Movements, a Rockville-based group that fights discrimination against new religions. The group is funded by the Church of Scientology, the Hare Krishna organization, and most of all, by Unificationists, who give him $3,000 a month, Borderlon said.

'They'll have a conference on the essence of religious founders, like Buddha, Jesus and guess who,' Borderlon said. 'He gets a room full of academics to sit there while he pronounces himself the Messiah. He gets his picture taken with them. He gets credibility, they get to have their conference. It's all very messy.' ... The road to that credibility, critics say, is paved with cash." Those on the receiving end, as noted in this article, include Col. Oliver L. North, George and Barbara Bush, and Rev. Jerry Falwell. Washington Post, Nov 23 '97, pA01.
From Apologia Report -- Volume 2: Number 40 -- December 8, 1997

"Moon-Related Funds Filter to Evangelicals" by John W. Kennedy -- largely a rundown of Jerry Falwell's involvement with Moon to the tune of several million dollars. Includes the contradiction that Falwell (spelled "Fallwell" throughout the article) told Fred Miller of the True Light Educational Ministry and others in a private meeting in December 1997 that he would stop speaking for UC-affiliated events. In this story he says he will continue just as he has been with Moon all along. Christianity Today, Feb 9 '98, p82.
From Apologia Report 3:7 -- February 16, 1998

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