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Is Christian Involvement in the Unification Church Wise?

Is Christian Involvement in the Unification Church Wise?

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In the last year and into 1997, the Unification Church (founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon) has made inroads of acceptance into Christian churches and ministries. Particularly distressing is the participation of Christian leaders who should be familiar with the false teachings of Moon and of the danger of neutralizing their witness by appearing at ecumenical events sponsored by the Unification Church.

On December 11-15, 1995, a Unification conference entitled "Christian Ecumenism in the Americas" was held at the Victoria Plaza Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay. Moon gave the Founder's Address; Rev. Jerry Falwell spoke at the second plenary session. Unification publications used Falwell's appearance there to lend an aura of legitimacy and acceptance to Moon's world mission. Had Falwell openly condemned the teachings of the Unification church at this conference, his rebuke may have taken a prophetic role. Instead, the Unification Church published a photograph of Falwell and Moon in a bear hug (see photo).

A few years ago Dr. Falwell gave a written endorsement to the Washington Times newspaper, noting that it had been founded by Moon, whom he called an "unsung hero" to the "cause of freedom," who was "to be commended for your determination, your courage, and your endurance in support of your beliefs."

On July 31, 1996, the Family Federation of World Peace (another Unification organization) held its first world convention in Washington, D.C. Both Mr. and Mrs. Moon spoke at this event. Among the Christian attendees were Robert Schuller, Beverly LaHaye, Ralph Reed, Jack Kemp, and Pat Boone. The LaHayes have appeared at several other functions directed or inspired by Moon.

For we Christians, who acknowledge the deity of Jesus Christ, but aren't persuaded that the Unification Church is truly opposed to Christianity, we submit the following statements.

The first set comes from a book entitled Victory of Love, containing messages channeled through various spirit mediums, allegedly from Moon's dead son, Heung Jin Nim Moon, and from "Jesus Christ." This book was published by the Unification Church in 1992:

[spirit message from "Heung Jin Nim":]

There will be so many, so many that are begging, begging to hear the Divine Principle, begging to go to Pusan [in Korea] to the Rock of Tears. . . . But later, in the future, even the Christian ministers will come to my holy burial ground. And they too will be witnessed. They will see the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus will crown our Father [Rev. Sun Myung Moon] King of Kings. Many will see.
(Victory of Love, p. 25)

[spirit message from "Jesus Christ":]

Through the sacrifice of our Lord, and I will call him Savior, Heung Jin Nim, this land is totally claimed by Heaven. Satan cannot come here. Satan is not allowed to come here. . . .

You must understand why I call Heung Jin Nim Savior. . . . Yes, my brothers and sisters, many call me Savior but we are like steps on a staircase. Heung Jin Nim comes to offer himself as a bridge for you to come into a new life. . . . He has an authority that no one else in Heaven, not even I, have. You can trust him.
(VL, p. 61)

[spirit message from "Jesus Christ":]

You who know the name of the True Parents, you who are children of the True Parents, can mobilize the highest realms of the spiritual world. The Christians are on another level. They're on another floor. . . .

. . . You must proudly wear the name of your True Parents [Mr. and Mrs. Moon]. To my sheep you must use my name ["Jesus"]. In the name of our True Parents . . . we will bring the Kingdom on earth. . . . and I will lift the Crown of Glory and place it on our Parents' head. I will bow before their throne. I will bow before the eyes of my sheep and they will know. . . .

So say the name of Jesus also. If you wish to call my sheep you must let them know you love me. Then they can trust you. They are afraid of you. . . . They are afraid you are a wolf in sheep's clothing. But they know the power of my name. So if you say with pride and confidence, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," the Christians will follow you gladly. This is the key. This is the magic word to open their hearts.
(VL, p. 63)

[spirit message from "Jesus Christ":]

Bring them [the Christians] to the throne of our True Parents, the mighty throne of heaven. And I will place the Crown of Glory on our True Parents' head. I will lead them. I will show them that the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and the King of Glory is our precious Lord Sun Myung Moon and his beloved bride Hak Ja Han. They reign as king and queen of the entire universe. And that I, Jesus of Nazareth, known as the Christ, bow in humility before them. . . . I bow before our precious Lords, our True Parents, Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han. These names are the sun and the moon. These names are the light of the world.
(VL, pp. 65-66)

This second set of quotations comes from a book entitled Guidance for Heavenly Tradition, volume 2, by Young Whi Kim, who was president of the Unification Church in Korea for twelve years. These quotations are from Kim's lectures at leadership training seminars and to core members of the Unification Church. Kim does not claim to be a channeler, but it is obvious that he and the church leadership are in favor of the occult phenomenon you will see described below.

One brother has received messages from Heung Jin Nim. St. Francis, St. Paul, Jesus, Mary, and other spirits have come to him as well. They all refer to Heung Jin Nim as the new Christ. They also call him the youth-king of heaven. He is the King of Heaven in the spirit world. Jesus is working with him and always accompanies him. Jesus himself says that Heung Jin Nim is the new Christ. He is the center of the spirit world now. This means he is in a higher position than Jesus.
(Guidance for Heavenly Tradition, p. 183)

Jesus hasn't been able to do so much in the spirit world because he didn't have a true family while on earth. He never received true parental love on earth, nor did he receive the love of a wife and children. So even though he was in the spirit world, he couldn't do so much. Heung Jin Nim, on the other hand, has True Parents and he is blessed. Also, Father has laid a victorious worldwide foundation and Heung Jin Nim went to the spirit world on this foundation. Father is the King of Kings, thus Heung Jin Nim, as his representative, is now called the King of Heaven.
(GHT, pp. 165-166)

All spirit men were raised to a higher place through Heung Jin Nim. . . . They can receive True Parents' love through him. Jesus said he never experienced such love before. He was very lonely, but since Heung Jin Nim came, he is experiencing new love, God's love. Heung Jin Nim receives the true love of God, so others feel God's love through him. This is why Jesus said he never experienced such love before. Jesus is so happy now.
(GHT, p. 186)

Since Heung Jin Nim went to the spirit world, spirits are coming very close. Actually we are living with good spirit men because many are coming to help us. They are near to us and as the providence progresses they will come closer and closer. . . .

Therefore we must be prepared. We must lay a foundation upon which good spirits can come. . . . for good spirits to come, we must prepare a good, clean place for them.
(GHT, p. 187)

Everyone on earth has ancestors in the spirit world. In order to bring people back to God we must move their ancestors to influence them to open their hearts to God's truth. . . .

Unfortunately, many spirit men don't understand Divine Principle either. They want to advance God's will, but don't know how. This is why we must educate them. They have no physical body so they must understand the Principle through us. When you have lectures in your center, ask your ancestors to learn together with you. Often conditions are necessary to enable spirits to come. Pray for them. Ask them to come study the Principle. And when you pray, give them specific directions: what to do, how to do it, and in what sense they should help. . . .

. . . there are a lot more than 40 million spirits on our side. If we mobilize them, restoring all people will be no problem. Don't think it's impossible.
(GHT, p. 50-51)

In Munich . . . Jesus and Mary came and actually replayed their life experiences through our members. Without doing so, they could not have resolved their suffering and painful hearts. I asked the members to make a record by taping everything and writing it down. Even Jesus couldn't be liberated from his suffering and pain without someone on earth victoriously enduring the same hardships he did.
(GHT, p. 227)

The supremacy of the Divine Principle is assured. Our church is on a higher level than Christianity. Of course we donít have many people, but victory is certain.
(GHT, p. 51)

It is especially difficult to change from the traditional Christian faith to ours because one must change the focus of one's heart from Jesus to [the] True Parents.
(GHT, p. 191)

Jesus was the source of salvation in his time and True Parents are the source of salvation in ours. Salvation is impossible unless we have faith in them and love them. . . . Our most essential task is to love our True Parents and have faith in them. This is the most fundamental aspect of our life of faith, nothing more and nothing less.
(GHT, p. 228)

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